Awakening Internal

Personal growth through the eyes of love


My Stormy Knight

Falling into the arms of the night,

the night, oh so black,

the darkness is blinding.

Caressed by my lover, the wind,

the wind, such gentle force,

running his fingers through my hair.

Melting into him, erotic lightening,

the lightening, fire races through me,

tracing my lips with his finger.

Completely surrounding me, his rain,

immersing rain, my stormy knight,

consuming my soul.

– Michelle Dancy, CHHC, AADP


Being Single AND Happy on Valentine’s Day

profile pic          As a 45 year old single woman with divorce just around the corner, this will be my first Valentine’s Day without a date since I entered the arena of adulthood. Is Valentine’s Day just a big reminder to all of us single people that we’re single?  Is it possible to have a very fulfilling Valentine’s Day without having your knight in shining armor to sweep you off of your feet with flowers, wine, dinner and earth shattering love to take you through the night?  Are you dreading “V-Day”?  Is the closest thing to chocolates that you’re going to have, the Ben and Jerry’s sitting next to your empty pizza box, six pack of beer and tissues as you drown your sorrows watching The Notebook?  If this is where you’re headed with the impending holiday, then take a minute to consider a different approach to the day of love.

I want you to ask yourself a few questions, are you happy with YOU?  Are you comfortable in your own skin?  Do you see the truly amazing person that you are?  Do you love yourself?  If your answer isn’t a solid YES to each of these questions, then here are a couple of things you can do to make your shoulder shrug a resounding YES!   When you’re in front of a mirror, take a good look at yourself and find a feature that you like about yourself, maybe it’s your eyes and say out loud (with a smile on your face and with sincerity),  “I really like my eyes, they’re so pretty”.  If this makes you uncomfortable, just push through it and do it anyway, it will become easier over time.  Then take a look internally, and think about an area of your life that you put a lot of effort in, maybe it’s being a mom, then say out loud (proudly and with adoration), “Wow!  I’m such a great mom, I love my kids so much!”  Do this exercise a few times everyday, until you can answer YES to each of the questions above.

Honor what you do that is RIGHT, do not focus on the times you “mess up”(and I use this term loosely).  When you “mess up”, make the necessary adjustments, recognize that there is a lesson in it for you and an opportunity to grow, then release it.  Focus on the positive in your life and speak positive over your life, do not focus on what you don’t have but focus on what you DO have.  When you give love, your time, your efforts then give without expectations.  When you make this shift in your view of life, how you see yourself and how you love, do you see how liberating this can be?

If you take the rest of this week to practice the recommendations that I have made, this will be the start of really learning to love yourself and loving yourself is key to being happy on the big day and every day, night or weekend, whether you have a hot date or not.  When Valentine’s Day arrives, plan something nice for yourself.  Personally, I’m planning to cook a nice, organic vegetarian dinner, light candles, open a bottle of champagne and play some of my new age, Reiki music while I eat.  When I’m done eating my beautiful dinner, I’m going to run a nice hot bath and have a spa night that will include candles, music, combing cold pressed, organic olive oil through my hair and a homemade concoction that I’ll use for a face mask.  Finally, I will crawl into my warm bed and I may write a little poetry, color a mandala that one of my clients gave me this week or I may just read a trashy novel…who knows?!

Love yourself, starting today and everyday. You deserve the best that life has to offer and NEVER settle for less,  Happy Valentines Day! ♥

I would love to hear from you.  Is this your first Valentine’s Day as a single person?  Have you had a Valentine’s Day as a single person before?  What do you plan on doing special for yourself and what have you done in the past?

Through the eyes of love,

Michelle Dancy, CHHC, AADP