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My Little Girl’s Heart


You came into her life at the perfect time,

The perfect time for both of you.

Instantly your spirits became one,

A love so deep, a love so true.

She’d jump on your bare back and off you’d go,

Not a care in the world, just you…and my little girl.

She would laugh from the depth of her soul, you with a big smile,

And through the wind would flow your mane and her beautiful curls.

The fastest horse around,

That’s what she’d always say,

For you stole her heart

On that very first day.

She knew you best,

She loved you like no other,

Love so unselfish, love so brave,

She loved you like she was your mother.

You no longer hurt,

You see with perfection,

You will NEVER be forgotten,

Phoenix, you will always be my little girl’s heart.

R.I.P. Phoenix 8/6/2014

Run wild, run free!


My Stormy Knight

Falling into the arms of the night,

the night, oh so black,

the darkness is blinding.

Caressed by my lover, the wind,

the wind, such gentle force,

running his fingers through my hair.

Melting into him, erotic lightening,

the lightening, fire races through me,

tracing my lips with his finger.

Completely surrounding me, his rain,

immersing rain, my stormy knight,

consuming my soul.

– Michelle Dancy, CHHC, AADP